2012 Bead Dreams Competition, USA - Placed 3rd

I consider this work as one of the masterpieces in my creative repertoire. The Goddess necklace is  an artistic statement that has all the elements of design and techniques I have developed in my career, combined to make a necklace that represents my vision of what a woman today would be wearing to enhance her strengths and beauty.

Influenced by my travels to the Middle East and Europe where I was in awe of the ethnic jewelry, costumes and techniques used by women passed down through generations. Drawing up the design, I was working towards creating something completely unique with no limits with size or design, the style sets the shapes of the cabochons and necklace.

The colors I chose have a classic elegance in the bronze, black, gold and cream tones of the chosen beads to highlight the depth of colour of the bronze lambskin leather, matte black and deep gold snake skins. At the base of the necklace is a handmade sculptural form with leather overlay it is very light weight, allowing the wearer to wear such a large piece with ease.