Noor, meaning "light" in Arabic with its richness of colour and love of vibrance and luminosity is an artistic statement piece that has all the elements of design and technique.  

The brilliance of my collection of Lapis Lazuli and crystals lead to the conception of this vivid piece, the colours chosen maintain elegance and class in the lapis, rose gold and pewter tones to highlight the depth of colour of the snakeskin and soft leathers.

The collier is the frame that holds the necklace together with its heavily encrusted, bejewelled beige leather, deep purple leather and snakeskin, with a round centre stone of Lapis Lazuli, forming the first layer of the necklace upon which sets the foundation. The second detachable layer in blue, featuring a teardrop Lapis centrepiece with cascading sparking beads moving with the wearer, highlighting movement and grace.